“Interior design is not about the stylized photos you see out there, it’s truly a collaboration of multiple trades and creative minds to shape spaces”

Crystal | Krystel

Who are we?

A design and highly conceptual firm focused on Hospitality. We are passionate about all aspects of design and thrive under pressure.

Our design approach is about the end user experience. We understand the operations, ins and outs of restaurants, hotels and corporate spaces – we work side by side with our clients to tailor to their needs and provide solutions to their design dilemmas.   

·     We develop the look and feel of a space to create an experience for each brand. 

·     Whether is a restaurant, retail space, you name it!

·     We are visionaries, we carry your brand and concept through all stages of design.

·     We are raw interior designers and do not claim to be anything other than that, we have strategic partners that can be tapped for architecture, naming, branding, graphics, and collateral regardless of project size.

We have had the opportunity to work on various types of projects raging from large to small scale hotel brands, 5 star restaurants, mid level, fast casual and even movie theaters

What do we do?

Our services include:

• Interior architecture and interior design.

• Construction Documentation.

• Space planning.

• Material and finish selection.

• Furniture design and selection.

• Procurement services.

• Product design, and branding consultation.


What do we actually do?

· We design and develop consumer brands and hospitality concepts.

· We design and develop retail experiences.

· We plan and program mixed use developments.

· We evaluate and enhance guest experiences – its all about the end user.

· We activate and launch hospitality and retail brands.

· We curate physical environments.

Work with C | K

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Crystal | Krystel 

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